A Reflection On The Educator

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1. It is important to have frequent interactions with children as this enables them to know us and vice versa. When we get to know them it is easier for us to know about their likes and dislikes, their interests, preferences and this helps us to organise activities for them. It is important to have caring and respectful interactions as when the children feel that the educator care for them they will feel safe and will be able to trust the educator. The trust will bring confidence in the child. When the educator respects the children the children will respect the educator in return.

A way that the educator can promote these interactions is when talking to the child, be at their level, talking using a friendly tone.
To show that we care we
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Use gesture while talking to them so they understand better and learn easier. If we can talk the language from their background we try to.

3. It is important to communicate sensitively and positively with children as communication is a vital part of developing and maintaining positive relationships in children so if we do not communicate sensitively and positively that’s affect the children and on his turn he will not communicate correctly. Also we educators with the parents are the people who communicate more often with the children so it is important to communicate sensitively as this will build trust. Also we are model for children so if we do not communicate sensitively and positively, they won’t either. According to the EYLF communication is crucial to belonging, being and becoming, communication will help the child to develop his sense of identity, his sense of purpose that why it is important to communicate sensitively and positively.
When communicating with children we should show that we are listening to them, we should show our feelings, make them feel that we care. When talking to a child we should try putting all our attention on them not talking to someone else at the same time. When a child come to talk to us we should not make him stay quiet and if we see he has some difficulty we should not make of him. We should be very
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