A Reflection On The Interview Process

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It is amusing that during the interview process, I hoped that my impression would be unique enough that it would linger in the interviewer’s mind. However, in a public setting, I attempt to be as inconspicuous as possible. Due to my desire to fit in during high school, I have constantly feared deviating from the norm. I continue to experience low self-esteem and seek approval from others. Another component of this third vector includes being emotionally independent. As I had mentioned above, each summer leader has been a source of inspiration. I have been inspired by Warren’s peculiar personality and actions to become liberated from the opinions and judgement of others. During ‘Murica Day, I was ashamed that my outfit was distinct from the norm and went through great lengths to fit in. I even requested another summer leader to accompany me to the SLD microwave; thus, I would not be the only person appearing overly patriotic. Being comfortable with being unconventional is a skill that must be rehearsed. Witnessing Warren wearing a Cheshire cat onesie at a popular tourist destination was inspiring yet embarrassing. The tourists took countless photos and whispered amongst one another; however, he continued, even posing with the tourists. I admire his ability to ignore other’s opinions and I strive to follow his footsteps by taking risks and caring less about the opinions of others.
If it were not for my intimate relationship with my peers, I would not have been…
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