A Reflection On The Invisible Wall Essay

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The Invisible Wall Throughout my schooling some teachers and professors had a profound impact on the person and educator I am today. As a Mexican-American student, I sat in countless classrooms with teachers that never truly reflected who I was as a person or even tried to connect. In the primary grades, I quickly became aware of how “different” I was culturally and religiously. As my schooling continued I never had a Latino teacher; however, I did come across teachers who were honest and open about adversity they had faced which allowed me to connect with them. I found myself constantly caught in an ambiguous space of the ideologies, culture, and experience; without notion, an invisible wall was built around my world to act as a filter for my life, my story. Even though, my teachers did not mirror my identity, a few had a profoundly positive influence and taught me lessons that I carry to my own children and students today. Those that did, created a community for all voices, fostered the hidden talents, and most importantly celebrated the racial, cultural, and linguistic diversity in all of us. More specifically, my high school music teacher had a large influence and was the complete opposite of who I was. He was a white male and lived on the other side of town. For years, he maintained a mission which cultivated a growth mindset that he hoped we would all carry throughout our lives. He never ever defined parameters of his ideal student. Through his methods he opened
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