A Reflection On The Loss Of The Moon By Astronaut Neil Armstrong

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“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” These words spoken by Astronaut Neil Armstrong as he became the first man to step foot on the moon can be applied to ministers in counseling today. At some point, everyone will face the dark pain of heartache and despair, a hurt that pierces so deep that they are gasping with questions. Everyone will face death. The loss of a loved one often leads people through valleys of darkness and despair. Pain can be the doorway that leads to deeper understanding, renewed purpose and greater intimacy with God. It can also be the doorway to receiving counsel. Counselors can guide one through the pivotal truths about healing and hurt without glossing over the realities of sorrow. They can…show more content…
The questions and the grief have yet to cease. In fact, grief is ceaseless. It has occurred in every time and place. Vague uncertainty continues. However, there is an answer that stands boldly throughout, one that is positive and clear; there is life after death. Life on earth is short. It makes good sense for Christians to take time to ponder the timeless truths about heaven and the afterlife. This kind of thinking is engineered to make a difference in the way one lives their Christian life. Theology that not only touches the head but touches the heart is the very kind that counselors need to acquire. The more present a counselor’s life is informed by the truths of heaven, the more he or she will be able to share perspective that will help a counselee navigate the difficult circumstances surrounding bereavement, grief and loss. There is an appointed time to die. From a human perspective, many would hope that time is far, far away. No one likes to hear of a premature death. From a biblical perspective, however, God has appointed each one of us a certain amount of time to dwell on earth. God, in His sovereignty and infinite wisdom determined the exact time allotment for each human being. Some die very young, others at a ripe old age. But in every case, the time one has on earth is precisely what God long ago determined. Thus, there are no premature deaths on God’s timetable.
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