A Reflection On The Lost Palace Of Sparta

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When I googled on the Internet about a news story relating to Classical Studies, I happened to found an interesting article on The Lost Palace of Sparta Possibly Uncovered in Live Science. My main reason for choosing this news story was because I have always been interested in Late Bronze Age Mycenaean
Civilization, since Mycenaean culture appears to be connected with Homer 's Iliad 's Trojan War. Secondly, I took a course on Classical Archaeology as an undergraduate student in Classics. Therefore, I studied the nineteenth century archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann and his excavation of Agamemnon 's palace and his gold mask at Mycenae inspired me very much. For me, the most striking aspect of my news story was the Linear B tablets found on the site. Ghose (2015) stated that the inscriptions represented the earliest form of the Greek language. Although the fire baked the tablets, the fascinating writings on these Linear B tablets discussed clearly “the centralized distribution of goods like wool and grain,” noted (Killgrove 2015). These inscriptions on the Linear B tablets give the readers a history of palatial events in the Mycenaean period.
Yes, I was thinking about doing an article from the Ottawa Citizen about Ancient Menoral Roman Treasure, but I did not know very much about the Gothic King Alaric. Therefore, I chose The Lost Palace of Sparta Possibly Uncovered instead, because I have studied Homer 's Iliad, Classical Archaeology,

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