A Reflection On The Mental Capacity Act

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My chosen reflection piece is on ageism, see appendix one. I will provide evidence reflecting the links between diabetes and depression, which will form my chosen seminar topic, see appendix two. I will then critically analyze the mental capacity Act (2005) and relate it to my specific scenario, see appendix three. I will explore how nurses the Act within nursing practice, decision- making, and how we access a person’s capacity to make specific decisions. I will explore any ethical issues that may arise following the principles of Mental Capacity Act (2005). My reflection piece is based on a situation I observed during practical placement on an elderly ward. I observed an elderly patient with her family, whist the patient was getting assessed, to determine if the patient was suffering from severe memory loss. She received a cognitive examination and a mental capacity assessment. During these assessments the family were answering on behalf of the patient. I believe that the family felt that due to the patient’s age, she was incapable of answering for herself. This completely disempowered her. (To see full reflection piece, see appendix one). The key issues that I am going to discuss from my reflection are disempowerment due to a person’s age where either their family or care giver answer on behalf of the elderly patient and deny the patient of their own voice. Emotional problems are a common in the elderly and this particular psychological aspect often goes unnoticed. There
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