A Reflection On The Nurse

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As a caregiver, the role of the nurse involves much more than the physiological care that most people think of as being the sole duties of a nurse. A good nurse provides patient care that is holistic, which encompasses the physiological, spiritual, mental and cultural aspects of each individual patient (Sharon, 2014). It is a process of healing that involves the mind, body and spirit. To meet all the needs of a patient, the nurse utilizes holistic care to assist in managing the patient’s illness, symptoms, health, healing and function which is necessary for overall health (Potter, Perry, Stockert & Hall, 2013). My very first clinical experience was in a long-term healthcare facility. My patient was an elderly lady who wanted nothing to…show more content…
Teaching is often unplanned and occurring during normal conversation or routine tasks such as reminding the patient to use the call button (Potter et al., 2013). Planned teaching is more formal and more thought out such as teaching the patient how to self-administer medication or providing discharge instructions (Potter et al., 2013). During my second semester, the nurse gave me the task of giving discharge instructions to a new post-partem mom. I was very nervous about this. I didn’t know what I would say. Luckily the discharge paperwork included all the instructions which made it easier because I was basically reading a script. However, during my most recent clinical rotation, I had many days in the emergency department. My assigned nurses handed off their discharge instructions to me and I feel like I handled them with ease, skimming the instructions quickly, answering questions with confidence, and not reading from a “script” as I did early on. Another one of my most memorable teachings was with an elderly gentleman who had mild dementia. He had to be reminded each hour how to use the incentive spirometer and it was impossible getting him to do it correctly all day. During the last hour of my shift, as I was saying goodbye to him and his son, I decided he should get the spirometer done one more time while I was there. As I’m re-teaching, I realize he’s been
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