A Reflection On The Operating System

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The operating system in which I operate day to day is one that focuses on continuous improvement through minimal, incremental, less drastic normal change (or a balance of stability and flexibility). The focus is on making things better on a daily basis thru kaizen or continuous improvement. This philosophy is based from the Toyota Production System which exhibits Dr. Kirton’s balanced view of change. Similar to Toyota, we collect issues, both large and small; which we refer to as turnbacks, from all our our employees. These turnbacks are what cause our employees grief or an eventful work day. We Pareto these turnbacks monthly and identify the ones that have the largest impact to the organization. Next, relentless root cause corrective action teams are assembled and a Kaizen event conducted to implement a change and mistake proofing measurers, to prevent the turnback from occurring again. By including all employees as part of this process, it insurers that inclusion and diversity is playing a role in the solution, creating an environment and culture for change. With this particular approach the organization is in a constant state of minimal change. It has minimal impact to the employees, which results in less coping and also has minimal risk. If a new idea or approach is implemented and does not work, it easily can be redone. With minimal investment, the company can start realizing an immediate return on it’s investment. This approach could be considered a “Spiral
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