A Reflection On The Profession Of Nursing

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The profession of nursing is an address for those who are willing to serve. It is a call for the few that knowingly accept the responsibilities of care, empathy, and communication. Far from the general public may assume, nursing is a far more complex role than what meets the eye. The daily intricate decisions and attention to the minutest detail make nursing a demanding occupation that deserves respect and gratitude. The legacy of nursing is vivid example of true quality in patient care, a legacy I continually strive to be a part of someday.
Personally, nursing is a means of pursuing one of my greatest passions – movement. Why and how the body moves, exerts force, and copes with gravitational principles has fascinated me for quite some time now. This facet is mostly important to me, because I have always associated movement with life – if you’re alive, something is moving in your body. This fascination might stem from my love of sports or my observation of the beautiful intricacies it takes just to walk or hold something. I’ve always had a passion to help people, and t nursing is one of the best ways to ensure quality care is being given. Seeing that I wanted to help people and also go into a field where I could spend my days helping people with rehabilitation or prevention regarding movement, I chose nursing because of its versatility to help and assist people from all walks of life.
Now that I have been accepted into the University of San Francisco, I’ve had some time to…

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