A Reflection On The Profession Of Nursing

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The profession of nursing is an address for those who are willing to serve. It is a call for the few that knowingly accept the responsibilities of care, empathy, and communication. Far from the general public may assume, nursing is a far more complex role than what meets the eye. The daily intricate decisions and attention to the minutest detail make nursing a demanding occupation that deserves respect and gratitude. The legacy of nursing is vivid example of true quality in patient care, a legacy I continually strive to be a part of someday. Personally, nursing is a means of pursuing one of my greatest passions – movement. Why and how the body moves, exerts force, and copes with gravitational principles has fascinated me for quite some…show more content…
The way I see it, anyone’s focus can change throughout time, a different branch, practice, profession, or even lifestyle. However, the underlying goal and mission will ideally remain the same. The underlying goal and mission I will continually strive for is effective patient care that aids the ailment at hand and most of the entire patient as a whole. With that said, I’d like to dictate my time here as USF student by taking note and applying each lesson that not only teaches our nursing class how to be a nurse, but how to be an effective care giver (in any situation). Personally, I would love to specialize in the field of orthopedics. Orthopedics is the field of medicine focused with study and treatment methods of the musculoskeletal system. It mainly handles the correction of disorders/ deformities regarding the musculosketal system. It is the field of medicine in which I feel the most passion in and could potentially see myself moving upwards in terms of education and profession. In terms of orthopedics, I would specifically like to pursue surgery. Surgery in this field deals with correcting certain aspects of the musculoskeletal system in order for maximum use and function. In other words, orthopedic surgery is, in a sense, a restoration of range of motion. Surgery in this regard gives patients their feet again, so to speak, giving them the ability to walk, run, hold objects, or even shake hands
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