A Reflection On The Views Of Homosexuality

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By and large, Christians accept that one is not conceived gay person. They accept that it is not foreordained, yet it originates from life circumstance conditions after the conception. Christians say that a gay person who has a yearning to change has the capacity do it, however he or she needs to experience a fiery methodology of psychotherapy. One needs to backpedal to the very case that brought about the single person to wind up gay person and revamp it so he or she was not capable. To them this demonstrates that science was correct and that homosexuality is a condition that is brought by life conditions (The Journal of Pastoral Care). The Bible does not say the expression sin when discussing homosexuality. Notwithstanding, Christians appear to have got the thought that a man must change who they are through psychotherapy so hopefully they can be known as a man or lady and be acknowledged and not be looked down upon by whatever remains of the Christian group.

So also, Mainline Protestant administration in the 1960 's was making a refinement between gay person practice and gay person introduction. "Alongside this qualification, they started to view homosexuality as an infection" (Balch 23). Since homosexuality was viewed as an infection it could be cured, either through hormonal treatment or through guiding. Homosexuality being an infection was currently arranged with something like liquor abuse and gay people were being demonstrated sensitivity. In the 1970 's the…
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