A Reflection of a College Sutendt Who Got Caught Smoking

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But now is a time to make a change and to improve my decision making abilities. An event like that really can make a difference in how you approach situations. I could have easily lost a valuable chance at a good education, however I was granted the opportunity to make up for what I did and received a second chance. For that, I am extremely grateful and am ready to do whatever it takes too better myself and my life at Maryville.

The night of January 21,2011 I was not thinking about what might happen if I were to get caught. When Public Safety walked in the room it seemed as if my life had flashed before my eyes. My whole future was in jeopardy because I made a decision to do something illegal. This paper gives me a chance to reflect on that night and to look onwards. If I were to continue to smoke then many things would happen. One, I run the risk of getting in trouble once again which would lead to MUCH harder sanctions. Two, studies show that smoking causes a stop in brain development. My short term memory and the way I process things would be a lot worse if I were to continue. Lastly, getting and keeping a job would be tough. Most companies require a drug test when you are hired, and you cannot pass if you were to smoke. While smoking, a person will have lazy tendencies which is prohibited in a work environment. A job must be…
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