A Reflection on Adult Development, Wisdom, and Wellness

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Reflection on adult development, Wisdom, and wellness Successful adult development is seen as the program of possessing inner feelings of happiness and being content with one's past and present performance (Ouwehandet al., 2007). Happiness, it seems to me, is generated via conditions of health and the capacity of wisdom that enables one to accept difficult situations and to turn challenging situations into growth-filled opportunity. Ryff's (1989) definition of successful adult development reinforces this supposition. Ryff parallels successful adult development with continuous growth and progress in all areas of life. His six dimensions of successful aging include the following: acceptance, positive relations with others, autonomy, control over one's environment, purpose in life, and personal growth. Rowe and Kahn (1997) added another three dimensions: (1) people have to adopt a healthy life in order to avoid disease and disability; (2) individuals have to maintain and upgrade their cognitive and physical functioning capacities; and (3) successfully aging individuals are those who are actively enthralled and absorbed in a living. These models clearly integrate wisdom and heath as requirements for successful adult development. Conducting research for successful aging, researchers urge that the onus be placed on proper diet, nutrition, and exercise. Even moderate exercise, such as walking, can provide sufficient exercise that would relieve stress and enhance mental health (US
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