A Reflection on Classroom Management

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Chapter Report

Title: Classroom Management
Main Source: “Managing the Classroom” (Harmer, J. 2007. Ch. 3)
Course: EFL Methodology
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Nenden Sri Lengkanawati

Name: Pritz Hutabarat
NIM: 1201156

Table of Content A. Introduction B. The Body a. The definition b. The teacher in the classroom c. Managing student talk and teacher talk d. Using the L1 e. Creating lesson stages f. Different seating arrangements g. Different student groupings C. Synthesis/Comments D. Conclusion E. Bibliography

A. Introduction

“Management by objective works – if you know the objectives. Ninety percent
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79). Harmer emphasized that in order to have effective classroom management we need to handle various variables which contribute to the success of the lesson such the organization of the classroom space, the roles of the teacher, the interaction with the students, the alternatives of grouping the students and dealing with difficult situations (Harmer, 2007a, p. 34). The teacher in the classroom
Experts have come up with various ideas about how to achieve effective classroom management. Their opinions differ in many areas but almost all would agree that the teachers play a vital role in assuring that the learning process is moving toward the objectives of the lesson. According to Jeremy Harmer in his book “How to Teach English”, teachers of English language have to be able to respond to what happens in the class, the degree to which we are aware of what is going on, often marks the difference between successful teaching and less satisfactory lessons (Harmer, 2007b). Peter Wilberg said that teacher’s primary responsibility is response-ability. This means the ability to judge what is going on in the classroom and being flexible to respond to what is going on (Harmer, 2007c). Jim Srivener agrees with this statement as he summarizes the basic skills of classroom management as follows (Srivener, 2005a, p. 80): Actions

Doing the chosen actions

Finding options
Making decisions between one option and
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