A Reflection on What Makes a Good Leader

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Leadership What makes a good leader? While this is probably one of the most difficult questions of all times, the recipe has always been available to all individuals. Daniel Goleman's article "What makes a good leader" is directed at discussing this topic and at providing readers with a complex understanding of the attributes that a person needs to focus on in order to experience good results while in a leadership position. In order to be a good leader, a person needs to be smart, strong, determination, and the ability to predict particular outcomes. Even with this, the matter is more complex and some people are born leaders while others do everything in their power to do so and fail catastrophically. One of the first things about being a good leader is related to how a person needs to focus on the field that he or she is interested in. This particular person needs to be determined to do his or her job, be certain that he is working with the right people, accept the fact that his or her proficiency in a certain domain can be demonstrated in small ways at the beginning, and reconsider his or her lifestyle with the purpose of adapting it to the job that he or she wants to perform. When considering the previously mentioned points, one is likely to observe that a good leader needs to concentrate on a series of concepts before actually being ready to consider him or herself a good leader and influence others in sharing his thinking. Environment is very important when
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