A Reflection on the Study of Economics

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Part 1
Some of the most compelling topics that I learned in this topic only came into focus at the end of the course. Economics is a very large and complex study and reflecting on this subject, piece by piece, requires some patience and ability to put the pieces together. The relationships between simple choices, such as supply and demand, drives all economic and commercial exchange but only through the lens of economic models that attempt to layout this system by combing mathematical principles and psycho-social evaluation. All in all, this was very interesting introduction to some of the complex drivers that propel society.
Discussions are always useful because we are allowed an opportunity to weigh and evaluate our own personal thoughts with those of others. This comparison helps gauge where I stand on many political and social issues that derive from economic theories and philosophies. Knowing where I stand amongst my peers is a helpful measurement to contrast and qualify my own thoughts. For example, when the topic of monetary policy came up, I was very shocked to find out the importance of currency and how it is used in global markets.
What was more revealing is the United States' relationship to the Federal Reserve and that organization's power of the monetary policy set in this country. It is very difficult to fathom how the entire economic systems sometimes works without a major disaster every day. The ability of the economic markets in the world to bring
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