A Reflective Educator With Children

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Project Title “How to be a Reflective Educator with Children (the Value of Critical Reflection)”
Children have the right to be listened and heard; it is critical that as educators we let the children know that their opinions in matters concerning them, such as what experiences they would like to engage in, is valued. These positive outcomes will extend to the children reciprocating this with other peers, as they begin to interact positively with others.

Throughout this Degree, it has been evident that as educators we should plan according to the child/ren’s interest, needs and strengths — which we gather from getting to know the child/ren. I feel that I know what is expected, but putting the child’s voice into the
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There is no better way to achieve this than by involving them in the process of their learning. Hence as an educator I should be more reflective to include children’s voices in the program/lessons that I will be conducting. Baseline Data
Thinking on pervious practicums and life as a primary student back in the days about topics which resonated with me and challenged my personal philosophy and thinking reminded me that of the notion that parents do not see the value in play for children, as it is not “academic” enough. Through feedback from the first VIVA presentation and discussion with the tutor, what I initially wanted to focus on was too big to fit within the timeframe to communicate with parents on how play is learning for children. It was apparent that I needed to reconsider my focus. Through having a discussion with my co-operating teacher and my tutor, the new goal for my Practitioner Inquiry Project (PIP) was how as an educator I can be more reflective to include children’s voices to be heard in the program/lessons. It was decided that I would work in collaboration with my co-operating teacher with the Links to School children, who were starting school next year. This meant that during rest time these children would engage in hands-on activities to allow them time to explore what school may be like for them next year, through play and explorations.
The process I took
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