A Reflective Essay on Surgical and Anaesthetics Roles of Odp for an Abdominal Hysterectomy

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REFLECTIVE ESSAY ON THE LEARNING CONTRACT CONSIDERING THE SURGICAL AND ANAESTHETICS ROLES OF ODP FOR AN ABDOMINAL HYSTERECTOMY. By AKINYEMI AKINTARO 0711964 Dip of HE (ODP) Enhanced Theatre Practice OPE09-1 REFLECTION ON THE LEARNING CONTRACT. This is a reflective essay based on my experience of participating in delivery of anaesthetic and surgical care to a patient undergoing abdominal hysterectomy under general and regional anaesthesia. I will be describing the process involved, my participation and contributions, what I learnt during the experience and how this gained knowledge will improve my professional competency. Reflection is a way in which health professionals can bring theory into practice because…show more content…
This feature also enables the use of this technique into the postoperative period for analgesia, using lower concentrations of local anaesthetic drugs or in combination with different agents. Also I have a better understanding of the anatomy of the Epidural space, loss of resistance Arachnoid space, and Cerebrospinal fluid. I have also learnt about the potential complications of epidural e .g Hypotension, Inadvertent high epidural block, inadvertent high epidural block, Local anaesthetic toxicity, Total spinal, Accidental dural puncture (Visser, 2001). Learning about the potential complications of epidural reinforced my knowledge in being able to choose the right anaesthetic monitoring equipment. Knowing that Spinal and epidural anaesthesia can cause unpredictable and profound arterial hypotension necessitate the use of adequate monitoring like the; Pulse oximetry, ECG and Blood pressure cuff. This knowledge will help me to be able to select appropriate monitoring devices during epidural catheter insertion. Also it goes without saying that an epidural must be performed in a work area that is equipped for airway management and resuscitation. I now know that the hypotension is caused by vasodilatation because the sympathetic nerves that control tone are blocked. Peripheral

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