A Reflective Journal Of Your Experiences During You Work Integrated Learning

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Complete a reflective journal of your experiences during you Work Integrated Learning (WIL). The reflective journal should incorporate your experiences of how the workplace practices impact upon you as well as how you impact the workplace. Introduction Work integrated learning is referred to as a reality system of learning which is a specific system in which a lot of abilities are put into implementation especially when that person processes all that information in a real time environment in order to achieve a desired result. Work integrated learning is defined as an integrated learning process in which knowledge is created through a distinct transformation of experience. In this process the person should be able to process his…show more content…
I work in the Project Planning department of the Project Organization. The Project Organization has various departments like any other Organization and it manages most of the departments in a distinct way. Even before such kinds of integration methods happen it is a known fact that learning is a continuous process in which it happens for the entire life time which gives an opportunity to learn for the entire life time. Lifelong learning process means that the learning takes place for the entire life with a combination of a lot of factors which have a critical influence on it like the place in which a person works, the organizational structure and the way in which it conducts a lot of processes internally in order to maintain a balance between the most of the imbalances in the organization. Work Place Culture Let us consider my work place in which a lot of factors can be considered in order to get good results. I have compiled a lot of experiences in my work life in order to understand a work integrated learning process in a better way. This has also been done by analysing various attributes which are to be considered at the work place in order to create a balanced working method. To understand this process we can consider the Organizational structure. There are various levels which handle various situations in an Organization. Employee Morale. There
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