A Regional Xyz Credit Union

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Introduction: The organization is a regional XYZ Credit Union/Bank has multiple branches and locations throughout the region. They help the customers in online banking and their customer service helps in resolving the issues. Also they do promote their services related to the banking loans, credit cards and insurance. Also the bank follows the IT Security best practices. And they want all their employees to follow the security policies because of the security concerns. The organization monitor the emails sending from the employees and receiving to their inbox. Also they keep track of the websites because opening the un authorized website may cause several problems which gives the chance for hackers/intruder to enter the network. 1) Potential Risks and Liabilities Risks 1. Data Protection 2. Data Monitoring 3. Phishing 4. Debt recovery 5. Reliability Data Protection: The data has to be safeguarded from both internally and externally. The organization needs to keep track of the customer’s information safely. There are chances where the employees of the organization send the data of customers to outside. Also the hackers/intruders steal the data when the customers are doing the online transactions. Data Monitoring: The Banks need to monitor the data of the customers of the organization. Because the bank has got multiple locations with vast amount of data. They need to monitor and keep track of all the transactions done by the customers. Phishing: In today’s world with

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