A Relationship Between A Physician And A Patient

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Patient Communication What is Patient Communication? Why is it so important to build a solid relationship between a physician and a patient? When a patient visits a physician, if a comfortable relationship has not been initially developed, the patient may struggle in explaining any problems that they are experiencing. When a doctor and a patient create a professional, yet pleasant relationship, this immediately allows the patient to feel a sense of trust when speaking about personal complications. Although the experience and knowledge of a physician is very important in effectively determining and assisting in the matter, a reliable relationship can also affect the outcome. By establishing a relationship between a physician and a…show more content…
The relationship between a doctor and a patient could affect the overall experience such as their health. For example, research has shown that patients that have experienced a positive encounter with their physician are more cooperative and take their necessary medications or treatments. The result of this often leads them to sustain better overall health and avoid any further complications. Nevertheless, this exact outcome has been proven in a study performed by Michigan State University. This study found that trust and empathy are often in correspondence with a positive physician to patient experience, so if a patient experiences trust and empathy will their experience, their brains will change in response to stress while increasing pain tolerance. A statistic to support this fact would be a study that was published in the online journal PLOS One in 2014 displaying 13 clinical studies that showed that a patient that has a positive experience with their physician can significantly effect “hard health outcomes”. Why is Patient Communication Important? For patients, communication with their physician can determine whether their visit was either positive or negative. What do patients want as far as communication during their physician visit? Patients have reported that they feel as if doctors do not properly introduce themselves when in hospital setting. This could potentially
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