A Relationship Between A Physician And A Patient

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Patient Communication

What is Patient Communication?

Why is it so important to build a solid relationship between a physician and a patient? When a patient visits a physician, if a comfortable relationship has not been initially developed, the patient may struggle in explaining any problems that they are experiencing. When a doctor and a patient create a professional, yet pleasant relationship, this immediately allows the patient to feel a sense of trust when speaking about personal complications. Although the experience and knowledge of a physician is very important in effectively determining and assisting in the matter, a reliable relationship can also affect the outcome. By establishing a relationship between a physician and a patient, the patient may feel more confident in suggesting any issues that they may be possessing.
When developing a relationship with a patient, it is important for the physician to note that this may not only help develop a positive outcome for the patient, but also for the doctor themselves. When a doctor is sued by a patient, it has very little to do with the physician’s performance. In fact, research has shown that the amount of mistakes a physician has made may not have any significance in whether the doctor is sued or not. Regardless of the abundant amount of objections claiming that patients and their lawyers are simply greedy, and as a result, they lead to malpractice lawsuits, many highly skilled physicians have been sued. That being…
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