A Relationship Between Democracy And Making The World A More Peaceful Place? Essay

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Is there a relationship between democracy and making the world a more peaceful place? With the increase in the number of democracies post Cold War, this contemporary question is one, which many scholars of International Relations aim to answer. Whilst many scholars may argue that spreading democracy will make the world a more peaceful place, as claimed with the democratic peace theory, it is necessary to look at factors other than democracy that lead to world peace. By understanding factors such as common cultures allowing for international cooperation, the weaknesses of democratic institutions in prohibiting warfare and the importance of economy to states highlight that it is more than just democracy that leads to international harmony, and that perhaps liberal democracies more so than just democracy itself will allow for greater global amity.

Arguably peace and democracy are equally ambiguous words. Peace, internationally involves a lack of armed conflicts, encompassing the idea that states will not wage war against each other resulting in physical or economic losses. . However, peace at a state level is when there is civil order within the country and citizens are content with their human rights and civil liberties . As peace seeks to symbolize a wide range of things, peace in this essay is defined at its international level, whereby there is no warfare. Secondly, democracy will be defined in this essay by its modern meaning as the “process of developing a recognizably

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