A Relationship Between Diversity And Performance

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Introduction Diversity can have its negatives and positives in a workforce. There are some organizations that embrace diversity, however there are others that consider it an issue. Richard Allen, Gail Dawson, Kathleen Wheatley, and Charles White (2008) used this study to find a relationship between diversity and performance in an organizational setting.
The authors investigated and researched if there was a relationship between diversity and performance. The purpose was clearly stated in the introduction because it defined the problem and explained the different approaches it used. One approach to explaining the divergence in the effect diversity has on performance has been to examine factors that may moderate the diversity-performance relationship (Allen, Dawson, Wheatley, and White, 2008; Richard et al, 2003; Kochan et al, 2003; Richard, 1999). Richard and Johnson (2001, in Allen et al, 2008) explain a second approach was to focus on the organization?s orientation toward diversity rather than simply measuring the level of diversity within an organization. The authors took a third approach to understand the divergence by focusing on the perception of diversity within an organization (Allen et al, 2008).
There were three hypotheses for this study to find a connection between diversity and performance. The three hypotheses are detailed below:
H1 Perceived diversity at the senior management level will be positively related to perceived firm performance.
H2 Perceived…
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