A Relationship Between Edna And Robert Essay

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Chapter 1 is more of an introduction to some important characters. We learn that Mr. Pontellier isn’t around often, and isn’t much of a family man. We meet Edna and Robert, who have a seemingly romantic connection. This chapter will likely affect the story as the relationship between Edna and Robert continues to build and cause turmoil. In Chapter 2 we learn that Edna and Robert are both aesthetically pleasing, and that Robert is not wealthy because he rolls his own cigarettes. Robert reveals he will be traveling to Mexico at the end of the summer. This chapter affects the story because Robert’s trip to Mexico will deeply affect Edna and their relationship. In Chapter 3 we learn that Mr. Pontellier and Edna’s relationship isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Mr. Pontellier leaves for the week even during their summer vacation to work, so he is rarely around. This chapter will affect the story because the problems in their marriage will contribute to Edna’s development as an individual. Chapter 4 reveals more about Edna to the reader. We learn she is not a “mother-woman”, meaning she doesn’t put her kids or spouse before herself. We also learn she is the lone non-Creole around, and is not comfortable talking about sex, unlike the Creoles. This will play into the story as a whole because Edna’s feelings of distance from the Creole community will play into her growth as a character. Chapter 5 reveals more about Robert, and how every summer he devotes his feelings to a woman,
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