A Relationship With Child Welfare

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Trena became involve with child welfare after she relapsed into her addictions (approximately eight months ago) and is now working toward her sobriety with the primary goal of maintaining her relationship with Keith and resuming her relationship with her older son, with whom she is currently estranged. Her mother had addiction issues that contributed to volatility in her home life-- her sister had a different father and neither dad was consistently present for their upbringing. Trena experiences moderate feelings of ambivalence toward her mother, stating that if anything happened to her, she would prefer that her sister raise her son, Keith, rather than her mother, because her mother’s parenting style contributed to Trena’s own addiction issues (personal communication, 2016). She has, however, been recently engaged in rebuilding her relationship with her mother. Trena currently enjoys and deeply values a good relationship with her sister, to whom she looks up to, is sporadically engaged with her uncle (helping him—he has physical and mental health issues) and is very close with her son. Trena’s sister, Jennifer, recently had a new baby and is involved in a healthy relationship with a responsible and loving partner. Trena’s respect for her sister is considerable and is largely due to the fact that Jennifer has rebuilt her life after spending time in prison and losing her previous children. Jennifer is now very stable and is growing her skills with a goal of working in social
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