A Remedy for Failing Public Schools Essay

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Our public schools are failing because they are operated under an antiquated system. Most are behemoth, bureaucratic bastions of inefficiency in which no one seems to be held accountable. It’s top-down management at its worst. The people who have the most contact with students in this over-burdened, under-funded system – the teachers – have the least input when it comes to “company” policy. This makes this system resemble a widget factory in which management has worked out all the kinks, so it thinks, and dictates to production line workers how to pump out a “good” product.

But is our public education product really that good? Are the majority of today’s high school graduates – if graduation is actually in the picture – truly
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And, Advisers’ pay scale and job security depends on this accountability. This puts the burden on them to make sure all students in their individual advisory group succeed. To make sure they do, Advisers have no choice but to collaborate with each other and with parents in cases where problems may exist. For instance, if a student isn’t doing well, say, in English, it would be to the advantage of his or her Advisor to go to the student’s English teacher to determine what the problem was so the two of them could come up with a viable solution, which may include the student’s parents or guardians and possibly others as needed. The purpose is to root out any cause or causes that may be keeping individual students from reaching their full potential and eliminating such problems before they cause more. In this way, truly, no student is “left behind.” The system guarantees it.

Project-based Learning (PBL)
PBL is where most academic achievements are products of student projects in which normal state
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