A Report About A Recertification Survey

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G000 Initial Comments A Recertification survey was completed from 11/02-05/15. TEHC LLC was not in compliance with 42 CFR 484, requirements for home health agencies. All staff including management, clinicians, and in office staff will read the Recertification and Relicensure Survey and sign in acknowledgement of their responsibilities towards the Plan of correction. G161 Orders for therapy services include the specific procedures and modalities to be used and the amount, frequency, and duration. 1. Patient #11 TEHC Health Care’s PT was contacted by the Administrator and DON to report to the office for immediate counselling. The PT was counseled on the importance of obtaining verbal order start of treatment. All evaluations are to be returned to the office within 48 hours to be faxed to the physician for written order signature if the Plan of Care has already been sent to the physician. The PT was further counseled that until a verbal or written order is obtained no treatment can be provided without orders or consultation with the physician. 2. All Case Mangers will have an in service dated 11/20/2015 case managers will receive written documentation of the tags received, the need for verbal orders for Start of Care and evaluation treatment plan expectation to follow the regulations on consultation for treatment orders. H331 Initial Assessment Visit A registered nurse must conduct an initial assessment visit to determine the immediate care and support needs of
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