A Report Based On The Financial Industry Interview

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Retire at 55 with Freedom 55
Diego Moreno
BUS 8145
Theresa Mcvicar
December 10, 2014

December 6, 2014
Mrs. Theresa Mcvicar,
Client Communications Tutor.
Conestoga College
Kitchener, ON Dear Mrs Mcvicar:
Here is the report based on the Financial Industry interview that you requested in the class outline. As you will see, Freedom 55 Financial has many attractive features and is being implemented by a wide range of clients.
Because the performance of the financial advice depends of the competence and ethics of the advisor and the full commitment of the client, the report first identifies the benefits of pursue professional advice and the advantages that the products of the company can
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This enables a conclusion to be drawn from the relationship between specific goals and the key products in specific situations. Although a full match of the client’s needs sounds complicated; the company has covered every single aspect of the life allowing the clients to reach their realistic financial objectives.

Businesses are built over the intrinsic need of make profits; investors use their resources to obtain the biggest economic benefit at the lower cost possible on the least time frame; this is known as economic rationality.
There are situations when the little markets knowledge of the common individuals, the current complexity of business and the new financial transactions, encourage the people to hire professional money managers to elaborate specific strategies and guarantee profits.
This is how financial institutions offer financial advice and a high range of products to meet the client’s objectives. This report analyzes the reliability and good performance of the signature Freedom 55 Financial managing savings, investments, retirement income, life insurance and mortgages.
Moreover, some aspects of this report as the company history, vision and mission statement, and the company performance are part of the corporate information found in the statutes of the corporative web page. Specific information on activities of the financial securities advisors, as well as the handling and feelings about the products that are used
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