A Report Based on the Functional Areas, Business Processes and Information Systems

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A report based on the functional areas, business processes and information systems of NSW’s Holroyd City Council

Student Name: Julie-Ann Khouri

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Executive Summary 5

1.0 Introduction 6

2.0 Organisation Description 7

2.1 Background Information 7

2.2 Goods and Services Offered 7

3.0 Functional Areas Description 8

3.1 Corporate & Financial Services 8

3.2 Library & Community Services 8

3.3 Engineering Services 9

3.4 Environmental & Planning Services 9

4.0 Business Process Description 10

4.1 Corporate & Financial Services 10

4.1a Administrative Services 10

4.1b Corporate Planning 10

4.1c Customer Service 10

4.1d Financial Services 11

4.1e Human
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The following is a business report that highlights and looks into the functional areas, business processes and information systems adapted of an organisation. For the purpose of this report, Holroyd City Council located in Sydney, New South Wales, will be used as the organisation.

All information and data collected regarding he Council, has been collected from their website, which is referenced in the References section at the end of this report. Unfortunately, not all information were able to be collected from the Council website, such as the Information Systems in use, and as such, this section has been conducted based on personal assumptions, experience and general knowledge of the applications discussed. Apart from this, no other hindrances were encountered.

2.0 Organisation Description

2.1 Background Information
Holroyd City Council (HCC) is a local government area and suburb located in the Western suburbs region of Sydney, New South Wales. Initially incorporated as a Municipality in 1872, and later proclaimed to a City in 1991, HCC covers 17 suburbs around the local government area (Holroyd City Council Website).

2.2 Goods and Services Offered
There is no single answer as to what the goods and services offered by HCC stated on their website, however, based on personal experience and knowledge, the purpose of HCC and any other local government area is to provide
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