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“Power Production in Ontario,” a report by Nolan Marriott, will be an outlook at the decision-making process used by the government of Ontario to make a well-rounded decision to do away with coal fired power plants as a source of power production. The topics throughout this paper will discuss the root cause reasoning for the initiation of closing the plants, then will discuss how the overall environmental affect the environment. To conclude the effects of these causes will be reviewed looking at the resultant job outlook.
This report will allow Ontarians to gain knowledge about this controversial situation and better understand why the final decision was made, clarifying information that may be found in the media. The pollution
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The article “Thunder Bay Generating Station Stops Burning Coal,” states that coal had become 25% of the power capacity in Ontario, which is significant, as this area is dominated by the vast capacity of nuclear power (CBC News, 2014). This value makes it clear the impact coal power had on the overall production in Ontario, and how much of a void this is to fill by other alternative sources. The purpose of this report will be to evaluate Ontario’s decision to eliminate coal fired power plants through cause and effect analysis. To begin the pollution from exhaust gases are assessed. This will be followed by the effect that burning this fuel source has as far as extracting the material, and the by-product that results from the burning. Finally the loss of an industry will be addressed as it impacts a multitude of job areas including power engineers, including those seeking employment upon graduation of programs such as the Chemical Processing and Engineering Technology course offered at Lambton College. The information borrowed for the production of this report have been gathered from such sources as the Government of Canada, news articles including the CBC, and other scholarly sources which will offer an unbiased analysis.
The idea of burning coal, is not a new one, nor is it recent that coal has been chosen as a fuel source since the 1700’s in England as it burned hotter and cleaner than anything else at the time, which caused it to find its way into steam
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