A Report Of Buyer Behavior : The Consumer Decision Making Process

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A Report of Buyer Behaviour: The Consumer Decision-Making Process as it relates to purchasing a rental service in the classic car industry.

Section 1: Introduction (about 150 – 200 words)
The study of consumer behaviour examines consumer’s methods of purchasing and divestment of possessions, labour, concepts or knowledge by people, associations and companies to fulfil their necessities and desires (Keller & Kotler , 2011). This is significant to marketers because with a good knowledge base about consumers they can derive what approach to make towards the marketing procedure which will profitably meet consumer demands (Management Study Guide, 2015). This report will be examined from the perspective of the consumer behaviour of a 32 year old single business man going on holiday to explore and tour. The man wants to enjoy his holiday away from home freely and in luxury though with caution as to how much he will spend. However he is willing to spend more for a classic muscle car particularly a 1969 Fastback Ford Mustang. This is a priceless lifelong desire of his that is within his financial means after years of hard work and savings. This report aims at explain the characteristics and types of consumer buying behaviour and the buying decision making process with further recommendations all as related to the classic car rental industry conclusively suming up this report.
Section 2: The Characteristics that Affect Consumer Behaviour (about 400 words)
The four main…
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