A Report Of The It Call Center Case Essay

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We want to discuss a little bit about the executive summary of the IT call center case before doing the evaluation. Here the IT service company is worried about their about their service as their competitors are doing well in the market. The company officials decided to apply Six Sigma techniques like DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control), Benchmarking to find the root cause of the problem. While going through the process they found that their competitors are ahead of them in terms of Support cost ($36 for the company on an average which is far expensive).
Doing further analysis with the DMAIC project the company tried to predict New Account Growth taking number of transfers, wait time and service as the independent variables. The results indicated that wait time and service are the two factors that affects New Account Growth. The Define phase indicated that the key stakeholders are the customers, staff members and the business. The D1 project charter indicated that the Goal statement element should target 90th percentile = 85% from 75% within the fourth quarter without changing the support costs. The D2 phase is the customer requirements where the company wants to implement SIPOC (Suppliers, Processes, Outputs and Customers) to identify important customers, staff and businesses. The officials plan to conduct VOC (Voice of Customers) to know the level of customer satisfaction with the current levels of service offered. The D3 of the define phase is the high
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