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A formal report provides information on a particular problem or subject and gives a recommended course of action based on that information. Some of the different kinds of reports are feasibility studies, research reports, position papers and problem reports. Each type of report has its own set of requirements for effectiveness, but they have a lot of common elements which will be discussed in this paper.

In addition to the components that make up a report, writing a report requires a technique or process that ensures the proper research is accomplished and the right data is included. Some people use checklists while others use a set of questions to ensure all the bases are covered. I will touch on the procedure for writing a report after the components section.

Components of Formal Reports: Front matter, body and end matter are the major components of most formal reports. Each major component is made up of several subsections which can be removed or added as needed.
Front Matter: The front matter precedes the text (Lannon & Guark, 2014 p. 533) or, “body” of the report, its purpose is to introduce and summarize the report and contains the following elements;
• A letter that introduces the report (transmittal letter) to the person or group that asked for it. The letter may list the reason for the report, point out specific items of interest in the report, describe problems with the data or thank people that contributed to the research.
• A title page that gives the

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