A Report On A Hydro Electric Station

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1.0 Introduction In recent days energy-sources are needed for electricity. An energy source is a structure which makes energy in a certain way, for instance a hydro-electric station. A hydro-electric station benefit the current of the river for the production of electricity. The importance of this report is that a better choice will be taken for a better electricity generation by a government agency. This report will compare between two electricity generation and they are Coal and Solar power which are both located in France by considering the cost and the environmental impact 2.0 Background Global energy situation According to world energy organization (2014), “This is a time of unprecedented uncertainty for the energy sector. Secure, reliable, affordable, clean and equitable energy supply is fundamental to global economic growth and human development and presents huge challenges for us all.” The information below are the categories that will help the French government to build ideas on: 2.1 Country overview An overall situation about France: 2.1.1 location and temperature France, is a unitary sovereign state comprising territory in western Europe, mountains, Mediterranean beaches, ecompasses medieval, port cities and tranquil village according to, United nation (2006). in general, the climate in france is cold in winter and mild in summer. World weather and climate organization stated that, July is hottest month of the year with an average temperature of 20°C, while
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