A Report On A String Of Robberies

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Scenario # 10
Overview- A string of robberies has been a trend in the town of Littletown. A few informants told the police that Eddie Snide is a possible suspect since he has been acting funny around everyone and seems to have money on him even though he has no job. One evening Snide was arrested for Loitering in a park. He was set bail of $200 since he had long capias history. He was unable to pay bail and was sent to jail. Since we was an unpopular figure in the community he feared harm in jail. When he was in jail, Littletown police put an undercover officer between Snide and other inmates. One day a few inmates ganged up on Snide, and the officer told Snide, “I got your back if you tell about who’s doing these robberies”. Snide
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Affirming Justices: 5
Dissenting Justices: 4
Legality Brief- The ruling form the case of Arizona v. Fulminate stated that Fulminante’s conviction was overturned and a new trial ordered, because his confession had been obtained through the threat of physical violence. This can also be applied in the Snide case as well. When he was in jail and the undercover officer gave him protecting from the other inmates if he confessed about the robberies reflects an illegal confession. The undercover officer know Snide was a threat, and when they started to use a violent act toward him, the officer gave him help which also led to the confession. In the Arizona v. Fulminate the confession was a violation of the 5th and 14th amendment stating that a harmless error analysis should nonetheless be applied to any allegedly coerced confession. In the case of Snide, his confession will dismissed and he was forced into his confession.

Scenario #5
Overview- Detective Green of the Corntown Police Department, in Nebraska, has spent four months investigating two serious robbers. The only evidence that Det. Green has obtained is a good set of finger prints taken from the scenes of both crimes. Det. Green was able to develop a possible suspect named Keith Karone, but Karone had never been arrested so his finger prints are not on file. Without a warrant, Det. Green went over to Karone’s house and asked to speak with him. Karone answered

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