A Report On Acer Inc. Essay

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Introduction. This report analyses Acer Inc’s strategies on doing business in the Asia Pacific region particularly in China. Firstly, we discuss a brief history and background of the company. Secondly, the report discusses the company’s mission followed by objectives mainly focusing on entering China. Additionally, we analyse internal and external factors impacting the company using a SWOT analysis, followed by an assessment of the company’s business level strategy. Lastly, we recommend and implement strategies and how Acer can go about competing in the Chinese market discussing its competitive advantage. Company History & Background. Acer Inc is currently Taiwan 's leading exporter and the world’s fifth largest multinational manufacturer of personal computers (PCs). The company is also known for manufacturing and assembling components such as keyboards, motherboards, storage drives, monitors, softwares, printers and other peripherals. Acer was established in Taiwan by founder Stan Shih and his wife as Multitech in 1976. With only 11 employees and a reportedly USD $25,000 in capital, Acer was “initially and primarily a distributor of electronic parts and consultants in the use of microprocessor technologies”. (acer group, 2014).Multitech, was then renamed in 1987 marking the start of the company’s effort towards creating a strong brand name (Acer) playing a significant role in the PC market. The company was ranked in the top ten PC manufacturing companies in the
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