A Report On Agent Based Technologies

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Agent Based Technologies The five agent-based technologies are currently being used in some capacity within OppenheimerFunds, Inc. as we used software such as intelligent agent for housing all our clients account information from invested funds, transactions performed and clients personal account information. In addition data-mining agents are used to understand the total investment by fund and ownership percentages. Another intelligent agent that we use is for our web transactions, which are then feed into various system for banking transactions, fund information, and account balancing. Within our software we are also using user agents that have rules attached depending on how an item is feed into the system. The rules could auto-route to users, route for approval based off dollars amounts, verification of account information, and filing of work depending on how the work is labeled. We continue to utilize the system to work harder for us and will continue to take advantage of new products and agents available. Ecommerce Business Models There a few models within the major e-commerce business model that are currently being used within our organization, one is business to customer (B2C) e-commerce which allows the company to sell funds to individual via mobile commerce whether that is via a wireless device such as smartphone, laptop, or an IPad. In addition, in order to enhance our business and to better identify trends. OppenheimerFunds, Inc. could benefit from

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