A Report On Agile Methodology

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Article On Agile Methodology Many people think that, Agile and Plan-Driven are the quiet opposite methodologies used in software development process. Plan-Driven Methods mainly focus on the critical milestones in the projects rather than the small milestones. As the name indicates, everything in this process is pre planned and pre specified. Excessive pre planning puts more strain on the development team even if there is a small change in design, technology. These plans are the sources of delay in deliverables and causes rework On the other hand, while reviewing the projects (larger ones) using risk-driven process, they need to have at least three major check points to know whether the project is going in the right direction or not and these check points works as project progress indicators. Requirements: According to Highsmith and Cockburn, Agile methodology is suitable for the projects, which are turbulent, high change environments and moving target projects. According to them in complex systems, requirements are emergent rather than pre specified. This is called moving target problem in software industry. Agile methodology welcomes these kind of late changes even late in the development stage and proved success. On the other hand, plan-driven method is suitable for the projects where the requirements are not volatile that is the developers could identify the requirements in advance. If the requirements are changing at higher rate, then this process encounters
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