A Report On Agriculture And Horticulture Class

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On the 15/03/16 our year 12 agriculture and horticulture class went on a trip to a local dairy goat farm. This is a 40 hectare farm on sandy loam soil which houses 1100 goats, all goats are kept in door and all food is made on site and bought to them along with their water. Only about 700 goats are being milked. These goats are milked on a rotary milk parlour, which is one of two in the country. There were 3 full time staff working and the manager. We asked the manager many questions to assist us with our internal. The answers were occasionally a bit brief due to the owner only taking over the farm about a month ago, but we received the necessary information. A guided tour took place with the owner and a full time employee. Which included us looking at the housing systems, feeding systems, the composting procedure, Milking shed and other relevant information such as the restrictions they have.
Soil Impacts
Having good soil structure is very important for all types of farming. To constantly provide quality feed soil with a good tilth and with plenty of nutrients is required. This is achieved by collecting urine and dung from the milk shed and is collected in ponds. The liquid is drained away and are processed through 3 screens then drained into a holding tank ready to be spread on the farm. While this process is taking place the original solids are scraped away and placed into a bay with a weeping wall to drain the excess water. Once most water has been drained…
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