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Schiphol Airport Report The purpose of this report is identify the key areas of the airport that are structured properly whilst also trying to find areas that be improved. The research will be conducted by the using primary research and secondary research to validate my points that will be included in this telegram. Images/customer reviews will be used where it is appropriate in this report as evidences of my findings. Over the last decades the aviation industry having been growing rapidly which means airports have to constantly go under reconstruction to meet the demand of the growing passenger flow that come through their airport, whether it’s been used for connecting flights etc. airports have to ensure that they meet the…show more content…
Ever since then Schiphol has been operating, which is why today it’s the main airport in Netherlands. In 2013 Schiphol saw: • 52.6 passengers • 1.5 tons of cargo • 425,565 air transport movement • Created 290,000 jobs • 26 billion euro contribution of aviation sector to the Dutch Gross Domestic Product Future plans: • Schiphol has a €1 billion plan which will be invested into improving the facilities and shifting charter flights to Lelystad Airport. • Improvement of intercontinental flights by moving the charter flights, and boost new jobs • Over the next 10 years, Schiphol has laid out plans to expand the airport by creating two new terminal buildings. Also they plan to install a central security check in all terminal which means instead of security checks at the gates, there will be five locations with central security three in the departure halls and two for transfer passengers. These procedures were put in place to ensure that passengers feel comfortable, it will also help to reduce the amount of time passengers
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