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Schiphol Airport Report
The purpose of this report is identify the key areas of the airport that are structured properly whilst also trying to find areas that be improved. The research will be conducted by the using primary research and secondary research to validate my points that will be included in this telegram. Images/customer reviews will be used where it is appropriate in this report as evidences of my findings.
Over the last decades the aviation industry having been growing rapidly which means airports have to constantly go under reconstruction to meet the demand of the growing passenger flow that come through their airport, whether it’s been used for connecting flights etc. airports have to ensure that they meet the demands of their passengers.

This section of the report describes the methodology that were used in this telegram included Primary research/Secondary research. Primary research is where you the research do it yourself, this could consist of: questionnaires, interviews, focus groups and observation. In addition, secondary research are data that already exists for example, Skytrax and Trip advisor are companies that carry out research on every airports and airlines also, customers can even write their experience on the website.

Overview of Schiphol:
Airports were built to transport passenger’s one destination to another. Schiphol airport first was constructed during the First World War to be used as a military base; in 1920 the…

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