A Report On Apple 's Factory Workers

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In 2006, the Mail on Sunday stated that Apple’s China factories had sweatshop conditions. It also said that the iPod factory workers had 60 hour weeks. (Heffernan 2013) Following this allegation, Apple started an investigation, working with their manufacturers to ensure that conditions were acceptable by Apple’s standards. (Heffernan 2013) Audits of the labour conditions of all its suppliers, raising standards slowly and stopping relationships with non-complying suppliers. (Heffernan 2013) Progress reports post 2008 have been a reality. (Heffernan 2013) Chinese workers in 2010 had planned to sue iPhone contractors over poisoning from a cleaner used to clean LCD screens, with one worker claiming they weren’t informed of possible occupational illnesses. (Heffernan 2013) Following the 2010 Foxconn suicides, A 2014 BBC investigation found excessive hours & other problems persisted, despite Apple promising to change factory practices. (Heffernan 2013)
In 2010, 18 employees making iPhones & iPads at the Foxconn factory, China attempted suicide. (Heffernan 2013) Few people paid attention to the fact that Taiwanese based Foxconn also works for IBM, Microsoft, Samsung, Amazon, HP, Dell and Sony. With the focus on Apple, Jobs insisted that the factory conditions were better than average. (Heffernan 2013) A team of courageous researchers, SACOM pursued the course. Tian Yu was interviewed, a 17 year old girl, who attempted suicide after her first month at Foxconn. (Heffernan 2013)…
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