A Report On Arduino Pro

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Overview Arduino Pro A huge variety of microcontrollers already exist on the market. After comparing several types of boards, including ATMEL, INTEL and PIC based ones; an ATmega328 based ship was assigned for the implementation of our prototype: The Arduino Pro, which is cheaper in price and smaller in size than the other boards, and satisfies perfectly our needs. The Arduino Pro comes in both 3.3V/8MHz and 5V/16MHz versions. After benchmarking these two existing boards, the 5V/16MHz one was chosen. It provides USB communication, and comes with pre-mounted headers, allowing the user to use a variety of pins connectors, and direct soldering of wires. This board was designed and made by SparkFun Electronics, and shown in the figure below: Technical Specs: Physical Characteristics The length and width of the Pro PCB are 5.125 and 5.25 cm respectively, with the six pin header and power switch extending slightly beyond the edges. The PCB can be attached to a surface or case using the four screw holes at its corners. Power The Arduino Pro has three alternatives for power supply: • USB jack supplying 5V DC • A standalone battery • An external power supply, by soldering a power jack, or pins to the board. Power supplying mode is choose according to the position of the switch shown in the figure below: Power pins are as follows: • VIN: To be connected to the positive born of the source, in case of use of an unregulated
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