A Report On Bakers Ltd

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This report is based on Bakers Ltd. Bakers Ltd is a manufacturing company that produces biscuits, it is a small company which is based in Coventry. The company has existed closely to 40 years. Bakers Ltd.’s speciality is a biscuit called ‘Crunchie’, this biscuit has generated a great amount of profit and has been very successful. However due to the market being very competitive the company has created a new product which is an oatcake this has been named ‘Oatie’. The product has been very successful due to this it has won many awards. This has created great awareness which led to the ‘Oatie’ oatcake booming with many orders. For this reason the orders for ‘Crunchie’ has also increased.
The problem that Bakers Ltd are facing is that because of the increase in orders due to the launch of ‘Oatie’ they would need more materials and raw ingredients. However this may be a problem for finance and where the product will be stored.
Due to the great success the company has obtained in the future Bakers Ltd would like to expand in the Coventry area. The management team of the company has also decided to increase the production at the factory. Also they would like to introduce split shifts so that workers are not left with nothing to do during production changeover. Lastly employing extra staff to work night shifts.
In this report I be advising Bakers Ltd on the key actions that should be taken by each of the following functions, these functions are; operations, Marketing,…
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