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This report is based on Bakers Ltd. Bakers Ltd is a manufacturing company that produces biscuits, it is a small company which is based in Coventry. The company has existed closely to 40 years. Bakers Ltd.’s speciality is a biscuit called ‘Crunchie’, this biscuit has generated a great amount of profit and has been very successful. However due to the market being very competitive the company has created a new product which is an oatcake this has been named ‘Oatie’. The product has been very successful due to this it has won many awards. This has created great awareness which led to the ‘Oatie’ oatcake booming with many orders. For this reason the orders for ‘Crunchie’ has also increased. The problem that Bakers Ltd are facing is that…show more content…
Also Bakers Ltd should carry on with lean production by having quality checks made at every stage of the process. “Lean production is production based on the range of waste-saving measures inspired by Japanese manufacturing companies” (Wolinski and Coates, 2009). This allows the company to save money and also allows the company to maintain its quality in order for the company to remain successful. Also from an Operations perspective Bakers Ltd will need to find another way of changing production from ‘Crunchie’ to ‘Oatie’ because this stops production for three hours which means that in the 3 hours staff will not be working effectively. In the future Bakers Ltd should consider buying another biscuit factory in the Coventry because the bugger the business is the more able it is to survive and expand which will ensure the business remains successful. In order to remain successful Bakers Ltd will also need to increase the storage space size because of the increase in orders, more raw ingredients and materials are needed which is a problem as they will not be able to keep up with demand if they do not do so. Marketing From a Marketing perspective even though the biscuit ‘crunchie’ is very successful and a profitable brand and ‘Oatie’ has won several prestigious awards in order for Bakers Ltd to differentiate itself from competitors it should have a USP which is “a feature of a product or service that allows

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