A Report On Ballast Water

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Ballast water is used every day by thousands of ships to control trim, stability, list and the stresses of the vessel. Ballast water is picked up in one part of the world but then can be discharged in another, in doing this the transfer of non-indigenous invasive aquatic species can occur. These species end up destroying ecosystems that they are not originally a part of. Therefore many standards and regulations have come about in how to exchanging ballast so as to reduce the transfer of these species. To comply with these regulations ships and ship owners have installed onboard their vessels different types of systems to eliminate these aquatic species. Not only do these system need to be ecofriendly but they must also but other considerations that must be taken into account when installing a ballast system is the size of the system and ease of installation, cost effectiveness, environmentally friendly and effectiveness of eliminating the aquatic species. Many of the leading companies that create these systems make them compact, easy to install and to make sure that all operational requirements are met to help minimize ship yard time. Before the regulation about needing a ballast water treatment system a ship could do a ballast exchange. “The exchange of ballast water, in deep ocean areas or open seas, was the first step towards limiting the transfer of invasive aquatic species in ballast water”. (Anwar 11). This was not a permeant solution due to the fact that some
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