A Report On Biometric Attendance Management System Essay

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Biometric Attendance Management System Techno Brains Firm 99 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, C A 95014 Project Management Plan (PMP) Harsha Chandra Katta, Project Manager Performance Objectives The aim of this project is to develop an application to maintain the Biometric Attendance Management System for the employees. Traditional Attendance Management systems are difficult to maintain and do not meets the organizations requirements. The existing system has led to problems in timely generation of the payroll of the employees. Technical Approach 1. Defining the background and vision on the project after development 2. Define the present scenario and the basics of the business environment 3. Designing the business case while addressing the existing issues 4. Creating the objectives and goals of the project to address the issues 5. Conducting the feasibility analysis and creating a prototype of the project 6. Notifying the constraints and the means to address them 7. Preparing the feasibility report and justifying the project 8. Preparing the scope document with schedule, cost estimates and risks 9. Elaborate discussions with the stakeholders for defining Acceptance Criteria 10. Preparing the Project Management Plan with relevant details 11. Conducting review along with the stake holders involved 12. Defining documentation standards and software development tools 13. Defining dependencies, resources and scheduling the tasks 14. Selection and allocation of the resources such
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