A Report On Brazilian Hotel Industry

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Motivated by the great prospects of the Brazilian Hotel Industry, many entrepreneurs are taken by the idea of establishing a lodging business in the country. This guide will provide the steps to open a hotel in the country, and give some general information about the sector.
The lodging industry in Brazil
It is no news that Brazil is a very coveted touristic destination for many travelers. The country offers its visitors a diverse range of options, highlighting its natural beauties and historic places. That’s the reason why the country’s tourism represents an ever growing and promising industry.
According to the Brazilian Association of Hotel Industries (ABIH), there are more than 28.000 means of accommodation in the country and the sector moves around USD 2 bi-dollars per year, growing at a rate of 8 to 10% annually. The fact that Brazil is hosting the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games also contributes to attract investors to the sector, especially after the great incentives for foreigners established by the Brazilian government, in an attempt to supply the country’s future demand for accommodations.
Even though the hotel industry represents a good area to invest in Brazil, there will be some hard competition to deal with. Several large international hotel chains are operating throughout the country, sometimes making impossible for the small entrepreneurs to sustain their businesses in certain locations.
But although the hotel industry is quite developed

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