A Report On Brazilian Hotel Industry

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Brazil Motivated by the great prospects of the Brazilian Hotel Industry, many entrepreneurs are taken by the idea of establishing a lodging business in the country. This guide will provide the steps to open a hotel in the country, and give some general information about the sector. The lodging industry in Brazil It is no news that Brazil is a very coveted touristic destination for many travelers. The country offers its visitors a diverse range of options, highlighting its natural beauties and historic places. That’s the reason why the country’s tourism represents an ever growing and promising industry. According to the Brazilian Association of Hotel Industries (ABIH), there are more than 28.000 means of accommodation in the country and…show more content…
Out of the 12 host cities for the World Cup, for example, only Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo are currently capable to offer accommodations for all the visitors. Also, the Brazilian Hotel Industry suffers from a lack of luxury hotels as about 85% of its lodgings have medium and low qualifications. Categories of lodgings in Brazil According to the Brazilian law, are considered means of accommodation enterprises or institutions, despite of their form of constitution, intended to provide temporary accommodation services, offered in frequency units and individual guest 's exclusive use, as well as other necessary services to users through the adoption of a contract and collection of a daily rate. They can be classified as: Hotel: Establishment with service reception, temporary accommodation, with or without food, offered in individual units and exclusive use of guests, subject to payment of daily rate. Resort: Hotel with leisure facilities and entertainment which has beauty services, physical activities, recreation, living with nature in their own facilities etc. Hotel fazenda located in a rural environment, endowed with agricultural exploitation, offering entertainment and experience in the fields and with animals, such as horse riding. Cama e café (bed and breakfast): Accommodation in a residence where the business owner lives, with a maximum of three housing units destined for tourist use, with breakfast in the morning
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