A Report On Call Centres

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Introduction Call centres are integral part of any particular organization in today’s modern world as they play a crucial role in the business world and act as the primary source of contact with the customers (Abbott, 2010). The performance call centres play in organizations are increasingly importance in ensuring that the organization offers excellent services to end-users and their customers (Bruton, 2012). As the business environment changes every day, customers are becoming more demanding and sophisticated with their needs, desires, and the quality of their products and services. Thus, every organisation should aim to keep resources (both human and technical) as high as possible while maintaining the quality of services to the customers and ensuring employee satisfaction. A balanced approach is required to ensure high quality services, low operating costs and good customer services. Hence, to achieve the objectives of an efficient call centre, Rustic Americana will need to adopt appropriate operational practice and best technical management approaches to ensure effective handling of the current challenges facing the company. Appropriate strategies and supporting services together with well-defined roles and responsibilities would ensure that the objectives of the call centre are met in line with the performance measures and metrics. Situation Analysis Rustic Americana which is a subsidiary of Largo Corporation is facing challenges in meeting the
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