A Report On Campus Enterprises

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Company Description

Campus Enterprises is a service based organization that is focused on delivering quality services on NC State 's campus. Campus Enterprises is highly involved with NC State, as it is responsible for many student services including the new Talley Student Union, renovations across campus, and the Lonnie Poole Golf Course. The organization is considered NC State 's lead division in retail and hospitality.

Company Location(s)

Campus Enterprises is based in Raleigh, North Carolina on NC State 's Central Campus.

Other Products/Services Offered

Campus Enterprises runs several campus organizations including NC State Bookstores, Rave! Event Services, Trademark Licensing, University Dining, University Student Centers,
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The Carol Johnson Poole clubhouse is there for use by members, and is also home to The Terrace Dining Room, a restaurant open for the public.

Features and Capabilities

Situated on 250 acres, Lonnie Poole has an 18 hole golf course with varying difficulties for players, a driving range, and a clubhouse with a full service restaurant and ability to host events.

Service Life Cycle

Lonnie Poole Golf Course only offers products/services that are used immediately, those being golfing, eating, or attending an event on the campus. There is a golf pro shop on the property, but it is run by an independent management group. Market of Service

Customers for Service

The customer base for Lonnie Poole is primarily local, targeting the Raleigh golfing community, NC State employees and students, and locals who are interested in dining at The Terrace.

Why Service Needed

The Lonnie Poole Golf course offers a world-class golf experience to all, but it is especially necessary for the NCSU Golf Teams for both practices and games played. Without a campus owned golf course, both the Men’s and Women’s golf team for NCSU would be forced to constantly travel to both practice and play their matches. This would not only cost the University a lot of money, but also eliminate all revenue generated by the golf course.
The clubhouse is necessary for all administrative personnel as well as the sale of golf related services/goods and dining. It is also necessary as a place to host the
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