A Report On Chinese Culture

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In Chinese culture it is considered an embarrassing to not know an answer or to not have the information needed. Students told me that ‘saving face’ was so important in Chinese culture no matter what the job or assignment is. One student provided me with an example when she had studied abroad; she said that when she asked for a specific shirt at a retail store the owner did not have it, but that the owner was too ashamed to tell her so they stayed in the back until she left. It was not uncommon to avoid shame and disappointing others. Knowing this helped me understand why the students felt the need to go above and beyond to demonstrate to the teacher that they understood the assignment. The students would rather have too much information than be embarrassed by not including enough information, especially when having to explain grammar instruction to other nonnative speakers who might have had questions.
It had taken me a while to realize that the students I had been in a group with were new to college and the United States. These students were under a lot of pressure to succeed and do well for their country, family, and themselves. I did not know what sort of rigorous testing they had undergone to be able to study in America, or what sort of scholarships they may have had to go through to be at UMKC. I knew that in Chinese culture education was highly valued, but that was about the extent of knowledge I had known about their culture. I had not had the chance to learn much…

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