A Report On Coney Island

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Coney Island

Eric, Allen, Spring, Angel, Cameron

Coney Island is located in the southwestern part of the New York City. It is a leisure and entertainment destination, and it is on the Atlantic Ocean. As a tourist destination, the island may attract visitors following its different and unique. Apart from entertainment the area is rich in history. To market the island as a tourist destination, excellent advertisement on the area will cover some features relating to the island.
The first feature for tourists’ attraction is a ride on the Cyclone. It is probably the most famous roller coaster around the world. The second feature for tourists’ attraction will be to eat a Nathan’s hot dog and
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Also, there will be knowledge on the fireworks that are common in the island. Lastly, the advertisement will feature the traditional shows of America.
The cyclone would be a major tourists’ attraction feature in Coney Island. It is uniqueness may make it the most interesting roller coaster in the world. It is wooden and was opened in 1927. The roller coaster was managed by Dewey and Jerome Albert, who are the owners of Astroland pack. Although, the New York City wished for its scrap in 1970, they gave in to public demand and instead it was refurbished and reopened in 1975.
Since 2011, Luna Park manages the cyclone, which was declared a landmark for New York City. However, at the moment the cyclone is under refurbishment to make it more safe and iconic. The roller coaster is historical and attracts massive tourists who would wish to know more regarding it and enjoy a ride on it.
A ride on the Wonder Wheel is a major attraction site for tourists. The wheel was built in 1918 and began operations in 1920. The wheel is made of steel and has stationary cars as well as rocking cars. It is approximately 46 m tall and can accommodate 144 riders at ago. At night, the steel frame of the wheel is visible as it is well illuminated. The wonder wheel is located at Deno’s Wonder Wheel Amusement Park.
The parachute jump, which is also common as a tourist attraction activity in the island, was
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